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Square Keg Reviews: What to Know Before You Buy

Key advantages

Cocktails, wine, kombucha, and cold brew in a reusable container that fits in the refrigerator or cooler, or fits in the refrigerator or cooler and drips.

A recent drink, please?

Have a double-growler fill available on tap in your refrigerator, and fill Square One at a nearby brewery. Alternatively, batch over 20 drinks at once with SquareOne. An essential for holiday gatherings and a superior present

The refrigerator fit perfectly.

"SquareKeg travels in cooler mode and resides in the garage refrigerator." It is far more practical than the round kegs I had been using, so I wish I had it years earlier. Hellmer, W.

Keep beverages cold.

A growler gets flat quickly, as anyone who enjoys craft beer is aware. Whatever the beverage, SquareOne keeps it fresh with CO2 or nitrogen so you can always enjoy a fresh pour.

Use it everywhere.

Our clients like that the SquareOne Mini Keg may be utilised almost anywhere. Who wouldn't value having their preferred beverage available at all times?

Fill with your preferred beverage.

Square One gives you the power to decide what is currently available. Completely fill it with 128 ounces of...

Numerous tap choices

SquareOne does not limit you to a single tap option. We give you the freedom to select the ideal tap for your beverage.


What if you could personalise SquareOne with your favourite logo for a lasting impression? It's already really awesome. SURE CAN! It's the greatest option for business branding, wedding presents, or any other occasion where you want to customise your SquareOne keg.


The tap system cap does not require metal-to-metal tightening in order to work and seal. Due to our unique design, the cap's O-ring may fully seal with the keg fitting before becoming ironclad tight. In other words, you want the tap faucet to be placed at the end of the keg so that when you screw on the cap and the O-ring creates resistance, you are sealed.


Of course! We'll soon be selling more equipment for homebrewing. To dispense carbonated beverages like beer, what pressure should be used? It normally works at 5-7 PSI.

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