• Waylin Frable

Back To School Necklace: What parents need to know about?

Back to school necklace is a popular search term in the months of August and September, so we looked into its sinister connotation. Because protecting your children from harm is your top duty as a parent, it can occasionally be challenging to see the warning signs. For instance, you may imagine that if you overheard your child discussing "back to school necklaces," they were talking about some type of friendship jewellery, but we've learned that the phrase actually refers to something quite dark and unsettling. As usual, it's crucial to be knowledgeable and vigilant. If your child mentions a "back to school necklace" or if you have any other cause to be concerned that they may be feeling suicidal.

What therefore should parents do to stay on top of this supposed trend while also looking out for the welfare of their children? Start by having a candid conversation with the child about the back-to-school jewellery craze. It can be helpful to start by just asking them if they have heard of the expression. In general, it is always a good idea to have open dialogues and monitor children's emotional states. Even youngsters who appear to be joyful and healthy may be internally battling.

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